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About Chesterfield Faring

Chesterfield Faring Ltd is a commercial real estate investor and direct issuer of opportunities.  The Company seeks unique and esoteric opportunities that utilizes the skill set and talents of its team.  Experts in both small balance and large transactions, distressed debt and equities, new financing structures, and a large network of co-investors, the Company achieves above market risk adjusted rewards.
The Company is agnostic to product type.  The Company buys performing and nonperforming CRE first mortgage debt, mezzanine financing, and other existing positions.  The Company directly makes primary issue, first mortgage loans, stretch mortgages, mezzanine loans, preferred equity investments, GP Loans, and other financings available to third party borrowers including note on note financing.  The Company invests direct common equity in existing real estate operating companies including seed capital for start-ups and sidecar "silos" focused on specific niche products.   Unlike other CRE investors, the Company maintains an internal capital markets group to use as an exit for its investments to assure a full return of capital and controlled optimal execution.  
The Company has a balanced mixture of institutional, private, HNW, and PFHOs as co-investors but no retail investor exposure.
The most recent investment is a proptech blockchain company.  Real Estate Digital Blocks or RED Blocks will be providing the ability to mint tokens supported by hard assets like first mortgages and common equity ownership in its current assets and offerings.  This will open retail investors across the globe the ability to invest in highly lucrative, highly managed low risk opportunities at far above market adjusted returns just like the Company and its HNW investor base.  It will also create an exit or new capital raises for borrowers and sponsors seeking capital from the Company.   
The Company will be the direct issuer of all tokens minted by RED Blocks.  RED Blocks will create market maker positions to create a secondary market for the tokens creating the ability for fractionalization and liquidity, in a traditional market which provides neither.

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Seasoned Professionals

The Firm employs very knowledgeable principals in evaluating real estate with a culmination of over 100 years of experience. The firm excels at optimizing capital structures to reduce risk and increase yield. Each transaction remains custom made and does not fit a specific box. Like a tailor-made garment, the firm achieves higher yields and reduced risk through customization. Best of all, the firm has significant deal flow and short time frames for holding periods so success may be measured with months or a year unlike common equity.

We are Principals

We often invest side by side with you as an investor. After all, we achieve such high returns with limited risk, we can not get better returns than investing in our own deal flow. If an investment is not to our liking, we will not risk our capital or yours. We like the shorter terms so we can invest in a growing number of our investments rolling over our profits.

Alignment of Interests

We align our interests with our co-vestors. It is of great import to develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our sponsors and co-investors. Many co-investors and sponsors are partners with us in numerous transactions

We maintain the highest standards of integrity, transparency, and professionalism to insure alignment of interests and well informed & better relationships with our sponsors and co-investors.

Our partners entrust us to provide sound financial advice. We provide a well-executed strategy delivering positive results for our partner-clients. We invest equity capital, provide bridge loans, and invest time in our partner-clients to further develop our mutual relationship(s).

Senior Executives

Lawrence J. Selevan

Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

Sri Raju

Chief Executive Officer – Red Blocks

Kirk Lewin

Managing Director, Head of Investor Relations

Soumendra Devgoswami

Chief Technology Officer – Red Blocks

Garrett R Bowden

Managing Director

Keith Broemmer

Senior Managing Director - Head of Capital Markets

James Malone

Senior Managing Director- Head of Special Situations