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Why Invest

Commercial real estate investing is an active pursuit. It is not a passive investment. We actively work each of our investments daily. We support an internal capital markets group to produce multiple exit strategies to assure principal and profit repayment to our investors. We make investments in esoteric situations that are opportunity driven that produce yields far higher than their adjusted market risk. By intense management of our investments, we optimize value creation and yield to our investors. The best part of our investments is the term of less than two (2) years, often one (1) year in length. Most of our investments are structured debt but with equity like returns, some leveraged but most non-leveraged. Most of the yields exceed 18% per annum so an IRA or Retirement account may be preferable to rollover your profits. Soon, you can purchase investments with us on a fractional basis in any denomination of $1,000 or more, investing with Bitcoin, Paypal, credit card, ACH, or other alternative monies.

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Built to help smart investors invest smarter

Diversify outside of the public markets with private real estate, allowing you to reduce risk and improve stability.

Institutional quality with lower fees

Our plaform helps us reduce costs, which means we can charge lower fees, so you can maximize your returns.

Flexible investment options

We offer the flexibility to invest the amount that best fits your goals. We’ve designed our five account levels to meet the unique needs of investors of all sizes.